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Life Quality Goes On!

Calviecon Association is a NGO and is registered in the Foundation and Association Registry according to the certificate no 98245 / 22.04.2011 issued by the Ministry of Justice.

The name of the Association comes from binding together the first three letters of our slogan: CALitatea VIEtii CONtinua!, Romanian for: Life Quality Goes On!

We are an association of chronic disease patients and members of our families and we want to prove, beyond the inconveniences of illnesses, that life can be lived with decency and optimism. We want to be the platform for information and to increase the chances to access modern therapies for all the patients in Romania.

Through the actions that we take we want to show the patients with chronic illnesses that they can still have a quality in their lives no matter of how long their medical condition is, nor their stage of evolution. For us the quality of life is: increase of physical, psychiatrically and social well being, along with patient's ability to fulfill daily tasks in their daily life, health and social wise.

The actions of the Association are in order and in full consensus with Romanian and European legislation.