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Calviecon is an Association registered in Romania and formed by chronic disease patients, members of their families and doctors. Now we are 40 members: 20 Parkinson disease patients , 18 relatives and 2 doctors, from different fields of expertise: managers, doctors, engineers, professors, people from media and workers.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of chronic patients.

We want to tell to all the people around us that the life of a patient is not limited to treatments, hospital beds and social absence. We want to show the society that we are here, we exist and we can help ourselves in daily life without being a burden.

The modern treatments we benefit from and their way of usage give us the independence and dignity to face our illnesses with our heads held high!

The purpose of the association CAL VIE CON is to increase the quality of life by increasing physical, mental and social welfare, as well as the ability of persons with difficulties to perform regular duties during their daily routine, from the point of view of personal health and as of life and social insertion, re-integration in the family and society in such a way useful to the community and society.

The actions and activities of the association will be in full compliance with Romanian and European legislation.

Objectives of the Association

To fulfill its purpose, the Association aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Identify, support, guidance, representation and systematic promotion at a individual level but also as a with unit specific interests for children, adults, elderly, chronically ill, disabled, and people who find themselves in difficult social situations for insertion in the family, in society, to improve and increase their quality of life;
  • Identification and initiation of social activities, medical assistance projects with training programs, professional training, units of social economy, social insertion enterprises, canteens, etc.
  • The activities will be conducted in the community, at home, in day and night centers, residence centers and through actions promoted in the media, etc.;
  • identify the level of integration and insertion capabilities, maintain and then increase the abilities of people with a low quality of life to an independent life in the family, community / society and create premisesfor a full life for each premises;
  • identifying, supporting people in difficulty with chronically illnesses and / or disabled people to be informed, to access and benefit from the most modern and advanced methods of treatment that addresses personal suffering in order to achieve a better quality of life;
  • supporting by any means owned by the association the promotion of professional standards of quality of specialists in the social, socio-psychological, educational, training and healthcare training and promotion and communication in society;
  • identifying, supporting, purchase, import of medications and medical devices, new therapeutic methods and innovative initiatives and their implementation and other possible beneficiaries for enhancing quality of life;
  • Association CAL VIE CON will support people with a deteriorated quality of life by making their own activities or by contracting of service providers: social, psychological, medical, support for integration into education programs of continuous training, integration of social economy units, social enterprises insertion / reinsertion, organizing canteens, etc. All these needs will be identified individually. Provider of support will be made at individual level, community, at home, in day and night residential centers beds, etc.;
  • promoting nationally and internationally the most advanced methods and best practices methodologies to achieve the goal;
  • identifying, promoting and protecting the interests of people with damaged level of quality of life, both at individual and community levels of persons in distress or disability, etc.;
  • identifying, initiating and developing relationships and connections with governmental and non-governmental organizations national and international, with other similar associations in order to promote the concept of quality of life and to continuously improve its collaboration;
  • identifying, developing forms of communication and cooperation to ensure the exchange of ideas, views and information between people in difficulty such as: call centers, permanent centers, social groups discussions, reading, education, training, occupational, therapeutic, etc.;
  • identifying and implementing projects, initiation and implementation of grants and EU funds as part of regional development and European social assistance, socio-psychological and medical (community centers, day, night, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, centers of residence beds for evaluation and re-evaluation, social, medical periodic and / or permanent, of respite care), education and training programs, continuous training programs for the constitution of social economy units, social enterprises insertion and production programs of social integration of disadvantaged communities, of chronically ill people, with difficulties and/or disabilities;
  • Projects for the initiation and management of educational activities, training of staff that require specialized vocational training. We want to train young people from disadvantaged groups of society with difficulties, disabled, hoping to ensure equal opportunities and integration, their social integration;
  • identifying projects, initiating and carrying out innovation activities and research in the areas of curricula, continuous training programs, socio-psychological programs and occupational health professionals in order to disseminate the information obtained for the benefit of attaining the proposed further.

Purpose of activity of the Association

To achieve its objectives, the CAL VIE CON Association aims to develop the following activities:

  • social assistance, socio-psychological and medical care in the community, at the residence of the beneficiary, in day care centers, centers for social economy enterprises insertion / reinsertion centers, night centers, nursing homes, convalescent centers, occupational and residential centers of national importance or of "breathing space" theme camps, etc.
  • specialized assistance and support(social, psychological, occupational, educational, training, alternative therapy, the healthcare, medical rehabilitation, psychological and psychiatric, religious, professional orientation, insertion, social integration and re-integration, etc) persons with disabilities, disabled, chronic sufferings, in various situations of difficulty and deteriorated quality of life,
  • Identify and permanent periodic evaluation of social needs, training education and training, health psychosocial needs of people in situations of difficulty and deteriorated quality of life and their inclusion in the appropriate programs and individual needs of the community , society,
  • facilitating communication of distressed people, chronically ill, people with disabilities, people from disadvantaged communities, people who have a quality of life deteriorated within the group and with the society in order to achieve groups of the support, organizing camps, etc.
  • Identify, initiate and promote actions aimed at improving the quality of life of people who have an impaired quality of life by making internal and external contracts with sponsors, financiers, banks, etc.
  • identifying, initiating, conducting and promoting training of staff involved in assistance to people with impaired quality of life,
  • identification, distribution, import of materials needed for the production flow in units of social economy, insertion social economy enterprises, insertion of supply canteens, information materials of social nature, materials for educational activities, continuous professional training, drug therapies, medical devices, medical information materials, therapies and consumables needed for social and medical assistance,
  • collecting information and carrying out statistical database regarding current status of distressed people, disabled, chronically ill who have an impaired quality of life in order to process the information for research andinnovation purposes,
  • innovation and research activities in the social and healthcare domains for a better communication and dissemination of innovations in order to further increase the quality of life;
  • Promoting any other activities in full compliance with applicable laws, serving the purpose and objectives of the Association.