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Radu Tudor

Tuzla, Jud Constanta
son of patient Stefanescu Nicolae Alecsandru

As a son of a Parkinson disease patient who benefits from this modern treatment, I would like to send you a few words.

My father, Stefanescu Nicolae Alecsandru, age 65, benefits from this modern treatment, initiated in the Neurology Department of University Hospital Bucharest, under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Dr. Ovidiu Bajenaru, the Chief of the Department.

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson disease for 20 years now, and the treatment used was no longer helping him. This new drug has given us a new hope. Of course it is not all perfect, but the improvements are visible, even though it is a troublesome and old disease.

We have accepted this new treatment at the recommendation of Prof. Dr. Bajenaru. I have to say that a consistent component in the acceptance of this new treatment were the full time presence and the competency of Mr. Petre Mitrea.

There are a lot of questions from my father's side, sometimes syncope in his well being or minor technical problems. However we managed to overcome them due to the direct contact with Mr. Petre Mitrea. The fact that Mr. Mitrea has visited my father for several times in his home in Tuzla (Constanta, Romania), talking with him and guiding him, helping, that means a great deal. A Parkinson disease patient needs permanent support, and the knowledge of Mr. Mitrea – both medical and technical – are fundamental in explaining my father the means of this efficient treatment.

I am sending this letter as my father wishes, as a sigh of gratitude for the effort made by Mr. Mitrea, with whom he has periodical encounters. I hope that also in the future we shall benefit from Mr. Mitrea`s support and presence, a hope that I underlined also to Prof. Dr. Ovidiu Bajenaru in a similar letter.
Thank you for the support.


Marilena Rotaru

wife of patient Gheorghe Rotaru

My name is Marilena Rotaru, wife of patient George Rotaru, 69 years of age, the beneficiary of this efficient treatment initiated in the Neurology Department of University Hospital Bucharest, under the guidance of Dr. Bogdan Popescu and Dr. Amalia Ene.

My husband has Parkinson disease for 15 years now. In last years the medicine treatment was no longer effective and my George was in great pain, especially movement related (almost total incapacity of movement). We were told about this new treatment by Dr. Bogdan Popescu who put us in touch with Dr. Petre Mitrea.

In March, this year, my husband had the intervention in the Neurology Department of University Hospital Bucharest. The effect was visible within seconds. George was on his feet, he began to walk all by himself and all this lead to an improvement of his depression that Parkinson disease develops.

This method improves a lot the patient's condition, but it does not cure Parkinson for good, some difficulties are still to endure.

The patient needs permanent guidance from a specialized person who is devoted to this mission. For us, especially for my husband, this man, Dr. Petre Mitrea, for the last 5 months since George is on the treatment, proved himself to be more than a specialist, with both medical and technical competence, capable to sacrifice the little personal time he has, driving hundreds of kilometers to be next to those who are in suffering. We can honestly say that the real treatment is not only the modern treatment itself, but together with Dr. Petre Mitrea`s professionalism, devotion and caring. For my husband's mental and physic comfort the visits and the assistance of Dr. Petre Mitrea are a must. His presence in George's life is extremely beneficial and I think it should be kept and encouraged for all the patients under this modern treatment.

Hoping that you will understand and keep in practice all that I said above, I thank you and wish you strength in healing all the pains.


Mariana Anghel

daughter of patient Marioara Firtat

I am the daughter of a Parkinson disease patient that benefits from this modern treatment.

My mother, Marioara Firtat, 75 years of age, is on this efficient treatment since the 3rd of May 2010 with the help of Prof. Dr. Simu from the County Hospital of Timisoara. During the time spent in the hospital, Dr. Mitrea Petre has offered his permanent support, really heart felted.

Before the time spent in the hospital with my mother, I had long talks with Dr. Mitrea, which is only normal having in mind we were going to do something new. We have succeeded in overcoming this phase due to Dr. Mitrea`s patience and professionalism.

My parents, being quite of age, needed a little bit more time to understand and accommodate to this new situation. But every question they had Dr. Mitrea gave them the answers.

We also had some technical problems with this modern treatment and even though this happened at the end of the week, Dr. Mitrea was there and helped them.

Given the fact that I live for 20 years now in Austria and I am the only child, for me it is really important to know that there is a person specialized and ready to help like Dr. Mitrea.

I do not know if you are aware but here in Austria there is a forum on the internet of Parkinson disease patients where members of the families keep in touch and help each other with useful advice, but the presence of the doctor in their homes is regulate and at first hand.

The lines above were written at my mother's request as a sign of gratitude and admiration for Dr. Mitrea, for his way to be and knowing to be there for you.


Ignat Crina Maria

Daughter of patient Bujac Maria

My name is Ignat Crina Maria and I am the daughter of Maria Bujac (53 years) from Sibiu. My mother, a Parkinson patient, benefits from this modern and efficient treatment initiated in the Neurological Clinic in Cluj Napoca under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Lacramioara Dumbrava Perju. The Parkimson disease started when my mother was 42 years old, after loosing my brother who died in a car accident at the age of 21 years. There followed a number of lab tests and treatments made both in Romania and abroad, but with no results. The illness advanced, the followed treatments had no effect, and thus my mother had her limbs in rigidity. She could not go all by herself on the street; at home she needed constant assistance, she could go to the toilet but not come back. In the last period, before going to Cluj for the medical examination and the beginning of this modern treatment, my mother was helped by my father and me to get her out of bed or to turn her from one side to the other. In July 2009 she was admitted in the Neurological Hospital in Cluj, where she was received very well, Dr. Petre Mitrea being present from the very first day. From that moment on Mr. Petre Mitrea was by my mother's side, following her to CFR University Hospital, G. E. Department, where she was received by Mrs. Dr. Alina Tantau, who together with Dr. Mitrea initiated the treatment.

There were and still are questions from my mother's side, technical ones, others related to her health which has improved considerably, all that we can overcome with a direct contact to Dr. Petre Mitrea, any hour day or night. My mother trusts him completely.

Parkinson patients need to be in calm environment and they need understanding and support. Dr. Petre Mitrea comes to her every time is necessary and his knowledge and experience are vital to my mother. Now, thanks to Prof. Dr. Lacramioara Dumbrava Perju and Dr. Mitrea my mother can walk all alone in the street and can do almost all the things she used to before Parkinson.

For us this new and efficient treatment is a miracle and we want to thank Prof. Dr. Lacramioara Dumbrava Perju and Dr. Petre Mitrea for all the support they offer. In the future we wish to have Dr. Mitrea`s support because my mother needs his presence and this calms and helps her to understand better the device, from programming to keep it clean and functional.

With thanks and admiration.


Maria Petrica


My name is Maria Petrica and for 11 years now I have Parkinson disease. I live with my husband, but I receive help from my daughter and my niece who on daily basis stop by to check on me. Since 2000 I had different treatments for my illness and I tried to manage myself, but unfortunately the oral treatments did not have the desired effect.

Under the guidance of conf Dr. Aurora Constantinescu and Prof. Dr. Cristian Dinu Popescu for Neurological Clinic of Recovery Hospital Iasi I started this modern and efficient treatment. At the beginning I had several doubts because the treatment was not one with classical administration. Then Dr. Petre Mitrea played an important role and helped me to understand the way of administration, the way the drug will be given and the benefits this modern treatment brings.

I have accepted and almost 4 months now I can say that both my life and the one of my family's have changed for better. Now I can move without needing permanent assistance. The visits I receive from my children and my relatives are just to see how I am doing and if I need something special. My life is almost as before I was diagnosed with Parkinson disease.

I would like to thank to Neurological Clinic of Recovery Hospital Iasi, especially to Dr. Aurora Constantinescu and Prof. Dr. Cristian Dinu Popescu and also to Dr. Petre Mitrea for the constant support they are providing me.

Best of luck!